Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So I got hit on online by this guy. My friends Sarah and Jenelle have constant run-ins with some semi-industry type whom they refer to as "Braidbeard." So when I got a message from this guy, I had to wonder if it was him. It's not. But it's still pretty entertaining to me anyway. He must braid his beard in the morning, look at himself in the mirror and say "F*** yeah! I look awesome!"

Well, I don't think he looks awesome. In fact I almost feel as though he should be kidding when trying to hit on me. Does he think he has a chance? Uh, he should probably think again.

This is why I Internet date. Because it's hilarious.


Mary said...

I wonder if he uses shampoo and conditioner....

Jess said...

Nah, he probably uses rubbing alcohol or Ajax.